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Infographic – Many Email Marketing Mistakes Going Undetected

Mistakes are an inevitability in today’s email marketing. Marketers are sending frequent, high-volume campaigns with in-depth personalization and other complex design elements. It only takes one typo, code error, or compatibility problem (looking at you, Outlook 2016) to tarnish your otherwise perfect email. Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review

What’s interesting, given how easy it is to make email marketing mistakes, is that just about half of marketers in a recent survey didn’t send a correction or apology email in the last year. Are all these marketers really sending flawless emails every time? Maybe some are. A large portion aren’t, which means many errors are going undetected, or worse, being detected and ignored.

You might think advanced email quality assurance – longer email development cycles, more extensive pre-send checklists, email preview software, multi-person approval, etc. – is the reason for the lack of “whoops” emails. As it turns out, companies with these types of tools and processes are actually more likely to send a correction or apology email.

More data on these findings comes in this week’s infographic, which comes to us from Litmus. The infographic details the results of Litmus’ survey on email marketing errors. It also provides a 7-step guide to catching errors in your own email marketing efforts.inbox blueprint scam

Some key points from this infographic include:


  • 49.4% of marketers don’t send correction or apology emails
  • Companies that have invested in email marketing software send more correction emails than those that haven’t
  • Companies with longer email development cycles and more complex approval processes also send more correction emails


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Infographic Many Email Marketing Mistakes Going Undetected

Let us know what you think:


  • Have you sent a correction or apology email in the last 12 months?
  • How many email marketing errors have you caught?
  • What does your email quality assurance process look like?

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What Everyone Is Saying About Ecommerce and Internet Marketing

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With knowledge at its center, Weebly 4 is presently the most adaptable and instinctive trade stage available: Advanced ecommerce elements are combined with coordinated email advertising which auto-makes email crusades in light of store activities, gathers contacts assembled by clients’ conduct and offers the main full channel experiences of email battle to ecommerce deals in one stage. Weebly 4 demystifies getting found on Google with a built favorable position on each site, master exhortation with Weebly’s first Ultimate Guide to SEO in addition to a constant score and site particular tips to move forward. An immersive dashboard gives profound bits of knowledge over the whole business including arrangement booking, client talk, bookkeeping, and email promoting that can be keep running from anyplace on Weebly’s redesigned versatile application.

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marketing-mobile Made with another layer of insight intended to fuel development, Weebly 4’s full complete list of capabilities can be found here: www.weebly.com/4Assets can be found here: https://www.weebly.com/press#!/unit

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About Weebly

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Double Your Profit With These 7 Direct-Mail Strategies

To conclude organizations, the suppliers, and the last but not the least the marketers need to constantly examine and monitor the sources, status and the vitality of relationships. They would also examine and understand the things they are living from in order to know and discover the things they have grown from.
arketing slowing you down? Tons of small to mid-sized businesses are using marketing automation tools to boost productivity, increase revenue and get rid of monotonous day-to-day tasks.

1. GetResponse.
Image by GetResponse.


Digital Product Blueprint 2016 Review

GetResponse is an all-inclusive marketing automation tool made to truly get stuff done. SMB’s love it for its email automation features. GetResponse’s “workflow builder” makes it super simple to create the ideal conversion funnel by clicking and dragging filters, actions and conditions into place. Once set up, the workflow builder will send welcome emails, coupons, social media links, newsletters and more in response to certain triggers. Colorful email templates even take the hassle out of sculpting the perfect newsletter online. How much time will that take off your plate?

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Gold and Silver for Life Review

Want to see who’s opening and tossing your emails? GetResponse’s analytics share insight without overwhelming you with raw data. “Email ROI” helps you understand exactly how much your business is benefiting from email campaigns over time. There are also tracking capabilities for your company’s website, so you can uncover who’s visited your site, what visitors click on most and when leads turn into paying customers. Guesswork is a thing of the past.

While this platform’s UI is almost too easy to use, GetResponse offers unparalleled customer service through live chat, phone and email communications. Your marketing automation efforts will run smoothly no matter what.


Bloggers Playbook Review

2. Infusionsoft.
Image by CRM Marketing Pros.

Those in tune with their audience (or those who would like to be) will love Infusionsoft. Staying connected becomes second nature after importing and organizing contacts using tags and segmentation. Infusionsoft tracks and records leads’ behavior (like checking your website or archiving your emails), then scores each lead based on ease of conversion. From there, it’s your choice whether to prioritize high-rated leads or reach out to the ones on the cusp of becoming paying customers.

Should you decide to do the latter, Infusionsoft can help. Like GetResponse, Infusionsoft can automatically send personalized emails to contacts who trigger them — abandoning a shopping cart or filling out a survey will spark a message to capture their interest. Similar emails can automatically get in touch with customers who make an online purchase, keeping them connected with your brand. Whether a contact is a brand-new lead or a lifelong customer, you’ll be able to maintain your relationship with minimal time and effort using Infusionsoft.

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Digital Product Blueprint Review

On the go? Infusionsoft offers a mobile application with full lead form, page and email building capabilities. You can even accept payments outside of your normal environment using the app’s integrated mobile card reader.

3. Marketo.



Image by Intesolv.

Marketo is wildly popular and for good reason. Perfect for beginners, this platform focuses highly on generating new leads for your business. Constructing landing pages and forms for your company’s website is a breeze. Marketo’s user resources teach newer marketers how to take advantage of search marketing, social media and behavior tracking. Similar to Infusionsoft, Marketo provides each lead a score based on marketability, factoring demographic and inactivity into the equation. Star and flame icons even help indicate which leads are urgent matters of concern. If nothing else, Marketo is great for learning which leads to pursue and which to leave alone. http://www.reviewengin.com/